Be nice with the flowers!

Open your seed booster pack and try to grow 4 different flowers.

Write nice words, compliments, and things that could make them happy.

To send a message click on the dialog box, write a word or phrase, and press enter.


Now flowers understand FULL PHRASES

So smart


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What a cute game! The little animations of the flowers were adorable and the idea - making flowers grow by saying nice things - is unexpectedly refreshing. This is a fun game that injected a little positivity into my day, and for that I thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! I'm happy to know you felt that way :)

It's a really cute and cool game.  I like the growth animations and the cute flowers.  Good job!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

Aw, this is really lovely! Made in Godot?

Thank you!! Yes, I made it in Godot :)

One thing I found myself wanting to do was say sentences to the flower, rather than just single words. It'd be trivial to update, if you want to, and check for one or several "nice words" in it.

That's a great idea! I thought about it while doing the game, but chose not to implement that, so flowers don't grow if someone says something hurtful like "you are not pretty". However, as you say, I also found myself trying to write full sentences to the flowers haha so I'll try to figure out something. Thanks for your feedback! 


Honestly that's probably not going to be a problem, or it's worth the change. If you really want to, you can invalidate sentences with "not" in them and you probably have all the realistic cases covered. Design for players that want to play the game, not for players looking to "hack" a game about pretty flowers :P

That's so true! I updated the game :)